Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to The Ashaadior Collection’s FAQ page! We’re covering our most asked questions. We’ll answer all your top questions in the list below.

Why AshaaDior Colection hair?

ADC is the best quality and hand-selected fine hair. In terms of the production process, we use 100 percent human virgin hair that uses no harsh chemicals. ADC hair is unprocessed.As a result, our extensions are uniquely able to maintain their cuticle for softer, more durable, undamaged hair.Each bundle comes from one head so you have the same texture throughout the hair. Our bundles are made to last, The wefts are perfectly secured, the hair returns to its original pattern after a wash. We encourage our clients to express their fullest hair potential and dazzling the world around them.

How many bundles do I need?

The number of bundles you need depends on the hairlength.

12"-16": 2 bundles or more required
18"-24": 3 bundles or more required

26"-30": 4 bundles or more required

32"-40": 5 bundles or more required

How often do I need to wash my hair?

For Straight, Curly and Wavy hair: We recommend a deep conditioner at least once a week.

Can I color my hair?

Yes, The AshaaDior Collection provides top quality hair that can be colored. We highly suggest seeking the help of a professional colorist for assistance.

What is the difference between a closure and a frontal?

A closure covers the top front part of your head.  It is designed to cover the section of your head where your part will be. The bigger the closure, the more part coverage you have.  We carry 4 “by 4” and 5” by 5” Closures. All of our lace products are made with luxury transparent lace.

A lace frontal covers the entire front perimeter of your head from ear to ear.  Frontals have a dimension of 13 inches to 4 inches. Frontals are the girls favorite because you are able to part it in any direction.  All of our lace products are made with luxury Transparent lace.

What is the difference between HD Lace and Transparent Lace?

HD Lace (High Definition lace) is the thinnest lace you will find on the market HD lace will achieve the most undetactable applicaton with minimal customization needed. HD lace can be used by all skin tones. One thing to note is that HD lace is extremely delicate and will rip easily if not handled with care.

Transparent Lace offers a high quality swiss lace that is light brown in color. This lace is not as thin as HD lace but is much more durable and maintainable. To wear, transparent lace will need to be tinted using a lace tint or make up powder to match your skin tone.

Both lace types are excellent and will give you a fantasic illusion that it is coming straight out of your scalp.

I am not African American and I have fine hair, will this hair work for me too?

Yes, ADC Hair can be used by all races and all hair types.

How do I know my pickup order is ready?

Please allow us 2-4 business days to process your order for pickups. If you have any inquiries please email us info@shopashaadiorcollection or TXT "STORE PICKUP" to 3346973818

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